upgrade pricing for Bias amp 1 owners not fair

  • As a owner of Bias amp pro, bias fx pro and bias pedal I 'm truly very disappointed in the
    in the very high upgrade price. Anybody out there feels the same? Let's hear from you!

  • Depends on how long exactly you've used the product. at the end of the day whilst bias is a program and so not a physical thing, it is still a product and as such you'd expect to have to buy the new version once it's released.

    Put it this way, if I download a playstation game, would you expect the company to give me the sequel for free, or even any form of discount on that sequel at all? Of course not, so why do we expect the same here on a completely new version of Bias amp.

    I can see being annoyed if you've bought Bias recently and have just found out you are outside of the free upgrade date, but otherwise I'm sorry I just don't agree

  • As a fan of the software, wich I have almost from the beginning , paying for software that had a lot of bugs and a cabinet section that they should have upgraded for free ( it was not very good) , not even talking about the saving presets ( not even possible to do it alphabetically.....the whole preset thing is something I hoped they finally fixed.....maybe they did but now I have to pay for it). I paid for bias pedal while it was still being developed i think.....How many bugs did we have? A lot! I respect your opnion but I feel like a cow thats being milked for the last drop....pardon my French.

  • your comparison with a PS game is not correct....Bias amp 2 is not a sequel but hopefully the version they should have made in the beginning with less bugs. I'm a logic pro user....they release major updates for free....they're not the only one.
    I don't mind paying for Bias amp 2.....but I think the price is too high.

  • I am in a different camp here. It is going to depend on what the changes are.

    If everything they posted is to be believed than there are new modeling algorithms, what they call "dynamic Tone engine"
    and also a new amp matching algorithm.

    That alone makes it more than merely an update in my estimation.

    This is not Bias Amp v 1.5. This is Bias Amp 2 just like...

    Revalver 3 > Revalver 4
    Amplitube 3 > amplitube 4
    S Gear > Sgear 2
    TH2 > TH3

    Its a new program not just an update guys. Please lets be realistic and pay a company for their product. Geez

  • Good news for PGs hardware customers. They'd announced a free update to V2 for owners of the Head/Rack now on Facebook.

  • @tops2525 honestly I've played games that have been updated and updated to the point they are nearly a different product entirely from what was originally released. At some point these updates need to translate into a new version.

    I think the new game comparison is perfectly valid. What you say an update to bias should be? A new amp model? The new reverb they added? For what they're charging for the upgrade fee I think it's perfectly reasonable and very good of them. They didn't need to give a discount to existing customers after all since they aren't going to turn off or make bias 1 sound terrible once bias 2 comes out, it'll still be the same great amp sim from before

  • A2

    Minor updates are generally free
    Major updates or brand new releases (such as Bias Amp 2.0) are not, regardless if it is an app, a game, a movie or anything else

  • If you look at the companies they are competing with all of them charge for major upgrades. i.e. 1.x->2.x->3.x the key being that major upgrades are major. This one seems fair to me.

  • @salvatore-di-piazza this was the point I was making, the other guy seemed to think he should get it for free

  • A2

    @liam I completely misunderstood your post, sorry about that lol! i fix it!

  • @salvatore-di-piazza no problem :)

  • @tops2525 For the love of Dimebag people... Maybe it's just me since my kids are 4 yr old twins and EVERYTHING is unfair to them. It's like "Unfair" is a magic word that grants them whining privileges.

    Unfair would be PG taking away your license of the original Bias and force you to upgrade.
    Unfair would be to suggest it would be a cheap upgrade, only to jack up the price upon release.
    Unfair would be...

    You get the point. Keep your old version. This new version is priced just right.

  • @sascha-ballweg said in upgrade pricing for Bias amp 1 owners not fair:

    free update to V2 for owners of the Head/Rac

    Nice. How that will work ? I mean I still have to pay for pre-order. So we will just have to wait then ?