Midi control for Snaphots!

  • Hey Guys,
    Would you consider enabling the option to select Snapshots by Midi?
    One of the main reasons i upgraded to Bias FX was due to assuming that I would be able to control the snapshots by MIDI.
    I was really surprised when i found out this wasnt the case.
    It would be hugely helpful to have this feature in the software as its the best of both worlds.
    I have already inquired about this a while back.
    Life would be a lot easier if the Midi implementation was easier: as an example I sue Ableton Live, and with all plugins and virtual instruments all i have to do is click on a control in a vst or vsti and it allows me to assign midi control over that parameter. Am not sure what the logic is behind the current way of midi control in Bias FX.

    Hope to hear back from you soon!


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    MIDI is hurting in all the iOS apps. This snapshot trick is pretty smart, I assume so that you can more easily do polarity of pedals on the same switch for instance?

    If it could be done as fast as path or pedal switching that would be killer, but also parameters. Man...VERY cool idea!

  • @pipelineaudio Exactrly right! Imagine how powerful this option would be!
    It really would make the best of both analogue modeling and digital workflow possibilities! You can take this even further by being able to gradually move between different snapshots using x and y control. This would be super attractive to more then just guitar players.
    For now I would just be happy to have the first idea realized.

  • Is there an existing 'snapshot' feature that you want more control of or are you asking for a snapshot feature with MIDI control? I am pretty sure it is the latter because as far as I know there is no snapshot feature in the Bias tools.

    If you are asking for a new feature, you might want to first define what a snapshot is, etc. It is certainly NOT a standard term IME. I think what you are referring to is like Fractal's 'Scenes' feature and Helix' 'snapshot' feature wherein you have like a preset within a preset and can flip between them toggling multiple FX states and parameters all at once.

    The Helix and Fractal units do this partially because those units have so many parameters that it is nearly impossible to flip from one preset to the next without a significant lag.

    It certainly is a great idea to add this to Bias FX if this is what we are talking about.

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    alt text

    In automation, snapshots are a way of saving the plugin or DAW's instantaneous state.

  • @pipelineaudio I thought those are just 8 presets you can recall? Do they serve some other purpose?

  • @pipelineaudio By Snapshot I am referring to Quicksnap.

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    I think that's a distinction without a difference, though the quicksnap makes presets only available to that preset, not the preset menu. It certainly saves settings as snapshot automation would.

    But I just checked its behaviour and its as slow to switch as a preset would be, so I don't think ultimately this would be a solution anyway.

    For the app I am working on, at least for midi pedals that send both pressed and released states, I am trying to get "press down to load preset B into memory/stream" and "realease pedal to switch/stream to preset B"

  • @pipelineaudio I thought these were available for programming in each preset?
    I haven't really been using them as I am not able to control them by midi.
    If they are independent of the individual presets it would be very useful to have the ability to save those quicksnaps as different banks.

  • Would be nice hear back from someone from Positive Grid about this feature, honestly, I didn't understand why he can't automate quick snaps through MIDI control.

    At least you guys from Positive Grid could give us some feedback regarding this feature...