POWER SUPPORTERS please notify when you get shipping email

  • Ordered mine October 30th and nothing! The last email stated end of February as everyone else. And like everyone else I'm still here with no answers. It's nice that we all gave PG an interest free loan.

  • Its quite simple... PG owes us answers, period. No more excuses, no more updates that start with "we won the coolest amp at NAMM and were the best".
    Patience is clearly running thin, as well it should.
    Presumably we helped to fund this undertaking, the delays are frustrating, but the lack of communication from them is approaching criminal.
    PG needs to step up to the plate and let us know whats going on, they clearly monitor the forums, yet dont feel like addressing the issues. Its cowardly and reeks of greed.

  • yeah, I mean if they were being real about it ..it would be one thing. But this isn’t how you treat your clients man.

  • Class action lawsuit!

  • Awesome. Today’s new update says shipping in March and April. Not holding my breath.

    Email also mentions free BIAS FX 2 standard software but conveniently doesn’t include the personalized code.

  • Sigh... all I can say is that this was inevitable, with PG breaking off more than they could chew, that or it was a cash grab to completely fund their operation before shipping a single Spark amp.

    The email I received included a link to the BIAS FX 2 standard software also with no personalised code.

  • So now another 2 months of delay (minimum) - ok, sure - whatever... getting a little bored of this - but wait! Free software? Ok, that's a generous offer....uh.... wait... where's my personalized code?

    Nothing like annoying your customer base with extended delays, then offering something, then not making that happen.

    My usually optimistic self is losing patience, and this last screw up with the "free Bias Software" is not helping. (edit: "sucker" is not a valid redemption code, btw)

  • You can take your free software and totally ram it up your pompous asses.

    Dear Spark Power Supporter,

    You may have heard that many manufacturers are experiencing production delays due to component and assembly shortages over the past month. We are no different. Please rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to increase Spark production to keep up with its massive demand.

    Despite these delays, we can report that all Super Early Bird and Early Bird orders have now shipped, and we are receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from those new Spark owners. We wish we could ship all Spark orders right now, because we can’t wait for you to try Spark!

    We do not take delays lightly, and we know that you don't either. Based on the latest information from our production team, we will be shipping Power Supporter orders throughout March and April. All orders will ship based on when the order was placed.

    When your Spark amp ships you will receive an email with tracking information.

    To thank you for your patience, we’d like to give you a code to access our award-winning BIAS FX 2 standard software for free - a $99 value. Simply click here and use your personalized code:

    You can follow shipping updates and other information at https://www.positivegrid.com/spark#updates

    Thanks so much for your continued support and patience.


    The Spark Team

  • Got an update email alright. More delays yadda yadda yadda, here is bias fx 2 standard for free if you use your personalized code, oh there is no code in the email either. So, MAYBE March or April. Not looking good.

  • Ordered December 3rd. Emailed them 4 days ago to get an update, and just received the 5.1 "Sorry now it's March or April" notification in response. Given I am one of the last few Power Supporters and I'm in NZ, I realistically think I won't see it until at least May, even if I believe the latest update, which I don't after all that has gone before. The offer of free Bias FX2 is generous on the surface, but:

    1. It's hard to claim a $99 value when it's currently being sold on their site for $59
    2. The free license code link doesn't work
    3. I used to own Bias FX2 standard and got rid of it because its user interface, whilst pretty, is dreadful (not scalable, no keyboard shortcuts) plus it lacked MIDI control (that's only in the Pro version). I bought something better.

    They need to offer an alternative for those who don't want Bias FX, and for those (many) who already have it. I've asked them for a gig bag or cash discount instead. Not holding my breath for a response, but we'll see what they say.

  • I just requested a cancellation.
    3 delay letters and a consolation prize of an invalid code is enough for me.
    My worry is that they are claiming that they won’t refund beyond 30 days of purchase? FTW?? You gotta be joking. If it walks like a duck..and talks like a duck...sump’n ain’t right under da hood. I’m just sayin’
    I paid through PayPal so hopefully they can get me my money back. This is nuts! Good luck to all you guys...!

  • @jonsousan said in POWER SUPPORTERS please notify when you get shipping email:

    I just requested cancellation. Luckily I paid through PayPal. This is nuts! Good luck to all else.

    I don’t blame you. I am amp shopping as we speak. Looking for one with similar features as far as Bluetooth compatibility. Thr is waaaaay over rated and returned it.

  • @jonsousan Did they make the 30 day statement to you when you asked for the refund?

    This from the FAQ page :

    Q: Can I cancel my preorder?
    A: You can cancel a pre-launch payment as long as your amp has not yet shipped. Once your amp has been shipped, we cannot cancel your order.

  • @rwspencer Well, that's encouraging. No response to my request for refund email to them yet. I pre-ordered on DEC 1st 2019.

  • @rwspencer said in POWER SUPPORTERS please notify when you get shipping email:

    @jonsousan Did they make the 30 day statement to you when you asked for the refund?

    This from the FAQ page :

    Q: Can I cancel my preorder?
    A: You can cancel a pre-launch payment as long as your amp has not yet shipped. Once your amp has been shipped, we cannot cancel your order.

    So they should cancel it easily then no? Nothing shipped

  • They should but...when I did a search on "refund" on the site, here's what it read....

    How to Send a Refund Request?(Desktop Softwares)
    Updated : January 21, 2020 13:44
    We only accept a refund request within 30 days since purchase,

    Please send us an email here with your info below:

    1. Your email registered on our online store

    2. A screenshot of the receipt sent from us

    3. The reason why you want a refund (the sound, feature..etc.)

    Makes one a bit worried...if ya know what I mean.

  • @jonsousan This references "Desktop Software". I don't think you have anything to worry about. That being said, I think we would all appreciate it if you could keep us in the loop and let us know how this turns out for you. Thanks in advance.

  • @rwspencer No worries, will do.

  • If I remember correctly, when I asked about Bias FX I was told by PG that it was not a program that was usable by the Bias Mini Guitar, Bias Head, and Spark. I have Cubase and am happy with the effects I have with it. Their offer of free Bias FX seems trite when it is already 40% off. I guess I can wait one more month but if I don't hear that my amp has not shipped by Saint Paddy's day, March17, I am cancelling.

  • @desertdrifter7
    Yes, I'm almost done with the whole thing now, the excitement of the Spark has totally worn off for me now and thinking about other more productive ways to improve and enjoy my guitar playing. Hopefully someone has taken PG's blueprint for this amp and is working on bringing bigger and better improvements and have much better management and factory production facilities, perhaps then it will be worth buying something like an enhanced Spark clone.