High CPU

  • Hi Guys, is anyone else having issues with high CPU when using BIAS FX2 in a daw? I'm using Sonar 8 and its extremely high on some of the amp models. Some are fine but 'Megadeath' for example will not work. All works fine in the stand alone version but in Sonar its hit an miss. Very frustrating as its impossible to record with some of the amp models

  • @thedeadzeds What type of computer are you using ? How much memory and what type of CPU ? Also how many other VSTs loaded in the DAW ?

    You will continue to run into issues if the system is not up to par for Sonar and it's recommendations. If your DAW takes a lot of CPU and then having plugins, not going to work to well.

    Not having issues with Repear and Bias Amp 2, and I have like 5 of them loaded at the same time, of Bias Amp 2 that is, as well as many other plugins and no issues so far.



  • I'm having the same issue in Studio One. BIAS FX 2 is bogging my system down big time. The CPU usage is out of control. Nothing else I use eats CPU like this. I can't record with it. I can use Amplitube with no issues at all. Lots of synths too, no problem.

  • Having the same issue. Using Ableton, and bias fx elite. Works great with my focusrite scarlett 2i2 at 96k sample rate on the standalone version, but using it in the daw takes all my cpu. :-/

  • No real issues using Reaper, but I’m only a light user I think with just 2 or 3 guitar tracks plus maybe a drum vst

  • @kennethsorum @redspecial62 machine specs please - it is very relevant to this discussion, as you see the first reply to the OP asked the same question - this helps everyone reading this -

    OS X 10.15.4 2.79gHz QC - 32GB 1333 - Logic Audio 96kHz (any card)

    no issues with cpu overloading on home studio projects - I suspect that I could overload my machine and if an issue would switch back to a dual 8 core (32 thread) 40+gb ram setup like a 2012-13 Precision workstation for dirt cheap (for windows users...) in fact if you put a ton of ram in one of these machines and installed a Hyperviser and built a couple nice virtual machines on a virtual network well you could... nevermind

  • @tafkad Running an intel i7 5930K CP, 16 gb ram, everything on an ssd hard drive, windows 10 64-bit. Using a 2nd gen Focusrite scarlett 2i2 though..

  • Yes, and it's p***ing me off (which is getting to be a tendency with PG in general).
    I run FX2 Elite as a plugin within Live 9 - system is i7 3.4GHz, 8gB, win 10. On fairly simple tones I think the CPU is higher than acceptable, but my main bugbear is that if I switch to another tone the CPU often shoots over 100% in Live, the sound gets bit crushed and I have to remove the plugin from the track. If I add the plugin again, it doesn't actually send any signal to the track, it's just dry signal. The only fix is to close and restart Live.
    As per other comments, this is not an issue with standalone mode. Unfortunately I didn't buy it for stand alone use.
    My PC is capable of running mulitple VST instances of monster synths like Omnisphere within Live, so this dismal performance from FX2 just doesn't cut it I'm afraid.

  • @delphcon .For what its worth I've been testing the demo of Amp and FX2- They sound great, but I cannot use FX2 as plug in logic as the GUI is painfully slow in moderate projects a .Using amp in standalone is doable but hit CPU spikes 70-100 just by selecting pre-amp/transfomer etc. And the master output level is very erratic /unresponsive.I'm on an older Mac running Mojave but with reasonable specs ( see sig )Support said they upped everything recently to run with latest OS which I am- but doesn't feel very optimised as yet - hope I can figure it soon or its back to Amplitube or S-gear and like the sound of PG

  • any update on this? i am having a similar issue