High CPU

  • Hi Guys, is anyone else having issues with high CPU when using BIAS FX2 in a daw? I'm using Sonar 8 and its extremely high on some of the amp models. Some are fine but 'Megadeath' for example will not work. All works fine in the stand alone version but in Sonar its hit an miss. Very frustrating as its impossible to record with some of the amp models

  • @thedeadzeds What type of computer are you using ? How much memory and what type of CPU ? Also how many other VSTs loaded in the DAW ?

    You will continue to run into issues if the system is not up to par for Sonar and it's recommendations. If your DAW takes a lot of CPU and then having plugins, not going to work to well.

    Not having issues with Repear and Bias Amp 2, and I have like 5 of them loaded at the same time, of Bias Amp 2 that is, as well as many other plugins and no issues so far.



  • I'm having the same issue in Studio One. BIAS FX 2 is bogging my system down big time. The CPU usage is out of control. Nothing else I use eats CPU like this. I can't record with it. I can use Amplitube with no issues at all. Lots of synths too, no problem.