Positive Grid Bias Head a dead Horse?

  • Are the Bias Head and Rack dead Horses? Will PG support this Products? There where no Firmwareupdates at all. The Heads and Racks are in the most Shops no longer listed! The Problems with the Effect Loop and Cab Simulation where never solved by PG. I am very dissapointed!

  • A good question. I have the same feeling.
    In my oppinion the Rack / Head is the only realy suitable setup for a rock, metal and/or pop band live on stage.

    The features are great and the sound is realy good. But some updates and bugfixes would realy help to push this products.

    Maybe all of PG's capacitys were blocked by the spark development.
    But now they should have enogh money (from spark sales) and capacity to support the band and live equipment (Rack / Head and Mini).

    Maybe that is why musicans relay on the old tube amp technology. These amps are fully developed and last forever.
    Digital amps are dead and the money we spend is lost, if the supplyer ends the support (at a version which is not real final).

    I realy hope that PG will continue the support after the stress from spark development is gone. The products are worth it!