Using Bias Head with Boss GT 100

  • Hi

    I have bought a Bias Head recently and I am quite happy with it. I also have a Boss Gt 100 multi effect board which I am using with the amp.
    This is my signal chain:
    Guitar -> AKG WMS 40 mini wireless -> GT 100 with pre-amp switched off -> Send/Return Bias Head -> PreSonus Eris 4.5
    Have no cab at the moment so I am using the Studio Monitors with cab sim switched on.

    This setup gives me a load of Boss effects plus the great Amp Modelling of the Bias Head

    I haven't tried to use the GT 100 as a Midi switch yet. might do that soon.

  • @mplonus Ya using multi effects peddles with the Rack or head units is the way to go. You can even run a peddle from the effects unit like a Tube Screamer in front of the Bias head so that is will tighten up for metal tones.

    You should program the peddle with the bias head so when you switch patches they are in sync so that you can have a huge variety of tones and effects.

    Midi switching is the way to go, change patches and change what peddles you have for that patch as well.