Spark Noob questions

  • After an (unexpectedly) long wait, I received my amp two weeks ago. And then I discovered that all of the Android and iOS devices in my house were so old, they didn't have operating systems to run the Spark App. So I bought a new Android tablet with the latest Android OS on it.

    Now that I have all the pieces....I can't figure out several things:

    1. The Amp was described as having 30 presets. How do I access them from the amp? It seems I can only get four presets (corresponding to the four buttons on the amp). How do I access the 30 presets from the App? I don't see them....anywhere (maybe it's me, but I don't find the app intuitive at all).

    2. How do I start the metronome? I can get to it. I can change the speed. I can change the beats. I can't hear a thing. Pressing the triangle icon (typically a "play" button) does nothing.

    3. How do I get the app to create a backing band for my playing? That was one of the most desired features for me.....and I can't figure out how do that.


  • @dbaginski Hi. The amp itself only has space for 4 presets (as far as I can tell), but the other presets are available via the app. When you start the app it should ask you to connect to the Spark. Once you are past this then you should see a screen with an amp at the bottom and a line with pedals and the amp. Above this in the centre is a Oval with a name in it. This is a drop down box that gives you access to the presets.
    The metronome should work, but I'm using iOS so can't comment on Android. Does it sound via your phone (with volume up)? It took me a while to figure out that I needed to connect my phones audio to the amp via Bluetooth as well as the app.
    Backing band is accessible via the music symbol at the bottom of the screen (in the middle). The screen that follows should show a Smart jam menu with the option to 'Create' +.

    Hope this helps a bit.