A question about audio interface and latency

  • Hello, I'm trying to get into the amp/fx simulating world, but I got some some questions about the latency of the audio interfaces. I'm thinking of getting a Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 or a Focusrite Scarlett Solo, I would prefer to get the cheaper option but the latency using it with some amp simulating software is perceptible? Should I go with the Focusrite?
    I have a fairly good computer, so hardware configuration wouldn't be an issue.
    The program I would like to get is probably bias FX and AMP.
    Is there something else I should be aware about audio interfaces and such?

  • Hi,
    I use the Focusite Scarlett with Bias software and can get 128ms latency which is fine for guitar recording.
    I did try a Behringer but found the interface sound very bright compared to Focusrite so I sent it back.
    If you can stretch the extra for the Focusrite I would go with that, the build quality is much better plus you get a software bundle when you register.

  • @pcadoret1954 128ms is atrocious latency you would be hating it if it were that latent. You probably mean you set the audio setting in Bias to 128 buffers and you find the resulting latency (which is probably under 15ms round trip), acceptable.

    Latency is going to depend on your computer, the interface, the sample rate, the software, the driver, and the driver settings. The Behringer interfaces can get acceptable latency for most users, I would guess. I have used one of the Uphoria interfaces with a Macbook pro and it worked well enough to not be a problem.

  • A2

    The behringer euphorias with actual ASIO drivers are definitely decent! The ones with ASIO4ALL, maybe not so much ,though some WASAPI tests made it feel okish

  • @elric I stand corrected for that in fact with the 128 buffers I am getting 12ms latency.