Bias FX2 desktop no live view like in iPad?

  • Hello!

    In #BiasFX2 desktop (Mac) is there a way to show presets visually like in Bias FX Ipad (which shows a virtual footswitch called "live mode")? I can only see those tiny numbered buttons which tell me nothing about what presets I have saved there?

    Also it's quite limiting as in iPad the virtual pedal board allows me to move between banks visually.

    iPad image attached:![alt text](0_1581867731218_IMG_A050D4E9BC9C-1.jpeg image url)

  • It's the same on PC as well....I guess they planned for the iPad to be used more live than a PC/Mac... though I'm not sure that is always the case. Given all the noise around Spark at the moment, I suspect all things BIAS are on hold for the moment.