What is the upgrade policy for Bias Amp 2 from the current Bias Amp for Desktop?

  • It says if you buy the current Bias Amp you get an upgrade to 2 for free.

    Does that mean those of us who were early adopters and paid even more than that get screwed and have to pay again to upgrade?

  • If you login to the store in your registered account and click 'Preorder' you get a substantial discount on "2". You can check the price difference by logging out of the store and clicking 'preorder' again and you will see the non-upgrade price by default.

    It is a huge upgrade and I absolutely do not mind paying some (although the discount is appreciated) for such a big step forward. I'm stoked for it; never expected free upgrades for life... already pre-ordered.

    You'll have to decide if it is worth it to you, personally, though.

    FWIW: Amplitube 1->2->3->4, Guitar Rig 1 through 5, Revalver 1 through 4 (including 3->3.5), Overloud 1 through 3, ALL were paid upgrades. R&D ain't free.

    The 'free' upgrade for people who buy version one today is probably there to incentivize people on the fence and to keep sales (and thus income from the Bias amp package) from going to zero while people wait for the 2 release.

  • Good news for PGs hardware customers. They'd announced a free update to V2 for owners of the Head/Rack now on Facebook.