It really is disappointing, "End of March"

  • I ordered mine on January 26th, and I'm still very unhappy that I'm getting the amp a entire month later, not as they promised.

    Plus, it seems like some people who ordered in December-ish are getting their amp in end of March. I can't imagine how disappointed they would be.

    I sold my previous Orange amp for the money for Spark, because I thought it would come in February as they promised. I thought I could wait for 2 weeks without an amp, but now that the delivery is delayed, I have to wait without an amp for an entire month + 2 weeks.

    There was a guy in this Forum talking how it's a "Scam" for providing fake delivery dates on the Preorder page, and I sort of understand now. It's the duty of the seller to provide correct details.

  • Its clear to me that they are using pre-order money from each group to fund the next batch. (ie probably placing orders after each group is complete), which by definition means the advertised delivery date will be false. this is the manufacturing equivalent of a ponzi scheme......