Android App crashes

  • Hi everyone.
    Any Android app users here ? I'm facing multiple crashes on the app. First : can't find a way to connect my Spotify account. It just displays a loader and come back to amp screen.
    Second : if I dare try to have a search on jam/backing track section of the app it crashes.
    Same for you ?
    I'm using a Xiaomi mi9.

  • @marc-renou-info I am on IOS and when i linked spotify to it, it did hang up for about a minute then it went through. Just to see how it reacted to songs i actually like to play i got it to try and read the "master of puppets" and it started spitting out e minor after e minor for the intro. Interesting to say the least. the backing track stuff worked fine. I said .."play metal backing track " and a list came up. You have to choose. Anyway, the wait continues.

  • I am an Android user, and I'm having some issues with the app myself. I obviously don't have a spark amp, so I skipped through setting one up. But I was given an option at one point to connect a bluetooth speaker...which I inadvertently skipped. And there is no option after the fact to connect to one. Had to uninstall and I will see about doing this today.

    Over had a couple of crashes when attempting to look up songs. The first one I tried - Hollywood, by Saliva - just hung and sat there. I killed the app and started up again, and it crashed when trying after that.

  • I have it on my Galaxy Tab 5se. I am seeing the same issues with Spotify and song searches. I did download it on my iPhone and it seems to work great there. Connected fine with Spotify.

  • Yeah, Mine doesn't connect to spotify as well. I'm using the Galaxy S9+. It just shows the loading page but doesn't actually show the list of songs or the spotify menu.