When will my SPARK Amp arrive? I ordered it Jan.22nd,2020. They sent an Email stating they got my order, but didnt state when it would arrive.

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  • I have ordered it beginning November 2019 and still don't know.
    I think you have too be patient...your in some line of us all waiting.

  • @av-konten > I think you have too be patient...your in some line of us all waiting.

    unlike yourself with the right attitude obviously this person does not know the meaning of the word (2 posts in one day of they same content in BOLD), a lot of this going on

    why are so many people acting so weird over a pre-order only situation on a non production available product? it is what it is and waiting is par for the course on this one - absolutely nothing to be up about when it comes to this Spark amp (unless when you actually get it you discover it's all hype... I hope not) - cheers

  • @tafkad said in When will my SPARK Amp arrive? I ordered it Jan.22nd,2020. They sent an Email stating they got my order, but didnt state when it would arrive.:

    @av-konten > I think you have too be patient...your in some line of us all waiting.

    unlike yourself with the right attitude obviously this person does not know the meaning of the word (2 posts in one day of they same content in BOLD), a lot of this going on

    why are so many people acting so weird over a pre-order only situation on a non production available product? it is what it is and waiting is par for the course on this one - absolutely nothing to be up about when it comes to this Spark amp (unless when you actually get it you discover it's all hype... I hope not) - cheers

    I think it has to do with being told we would get our delivery on or about a fairly specific date if we gave them money. We gave them money.....no delivery.

    I guess I'm old school - if someone tells me they're going to do something, I believe that they will do it. When they don't do what they said they'd do, it tends to cause me to mistrust them moving forward.

    I could not disagree with you more that we should just chill and wait quietly for them to deliver our paid for product 60 or 90 days later than they told us they would.

    They created the expectation, not us.

    At a minimum, they need to address their glaringly deficient communication of the real status of our orders. Maybe it's just my incorrect attitude, but I find their silence arrogant and unacceptable.

  • @marko73193 if you were truly old school like me you would have waited until these things were actually available - these days delays are the norm and I am not saying that is a good thing it is just as I said what it is

    had any of these people come to these forums before sending money and read the past accounts with this company I think it would have been clear that communication is not their strong point, again not a good thing but also the way it is and has been for years

    this is not a make it or break it must have item that can't be lived without and though I totally understand the frustration it's when someone comes here to create a new account and make 2 identical posts (which is so unnecessary for any issue) posts that will not get a reply, it just seems like a waste of time as with all the new accounts being made by people using the forum to ask the same question over and over when the answer is so clear and obvious - they are not talking yet so wait or ask for a refund and if it is a must have item buy it later - if they don't reply through tech support there is little chance they will here until they are ready to talk to all buyers

    I am super skeptical about preordering any device that has not even proven it's worth - from any company

    I don't enjoy what you all are going through and do not make light of it but you can't see what I mean about a double first time poster ?

    strange how many people find the forum after the deal instead of using it to research in advance

    Just a little positive note I will say I trust these guys and have dealt with them for a few years and been very satisfied with the things they can address and just as frustrated with the things they refuse to address

    best of luck to all who are waiting

  • So you trust them, but you knew deep down they wouldn't make the promised ship date? Which is it?

    Last time I'll say it: They created the expectation, not us.

  • @marko73193 I did not and do not plan to buy the item and it has nothing to do with deep down - I said they don't communicate that way on this forum nothing about breaking a promise - that is what I said - your expectations are your responsibility not theirs and if I was them I would not answer anyone on this forum asking the same thing with the same attitude period

    This forum works for solutions to existing products only and that is easy to see with a little research in advance - cheers

  • @steeldogbeckmb I agree with some of what has been said in answer to your query. Yes, it was a preorder item and we have to patient. However, Positive Grid did set the expectation as to when the device would be available and shipped. That expectation, in our minds, was set according to their production capabilities. With the lengthy delay, it leaves one wondering how well they were monitoring their production process. In December, they made matters worse by sending out an email, along with an attached picture showing a lot of amps, stating that the Spark amps were ready for shipment. Further raising the expectation that shipping was going to get back on track. I see that PG continues to heavily advertise this product and stating preorders will ship in February. Meanwhile, those of us that ordered in November are being told our amps will ship in late February. It does make one wonder what the truth is.

  • @desertdrifter7 You can find Spark amp delivery updates here -


    The latest update is from 1/10/20:

    Dear Spark Power Supporter,

    We've heard your questions and concerns related to shipping and would like to provide clear and honest communications so you know what to expect. This message is an update related to your Spark order.

    We are a few weeks delayed from our original estimated ship dates that are posted on our website (www.positivegrid.com/spark). Why the delay? The response to Spark has gone way beyond what we anticipated for pre-orders. Your overwhelming interest and support of Spark created a unique situation where we had to make major updates to our original production plan. Those changes created a production delay of a few short weeks. We sincerely apologize for the delay and we appreciate your patience. We are confident you will agree that Spark is worth the slight delay after you receive your Spark order.

    Our team has been hard at work through the holiday season to ensure Spark units are shipped as quickly as possible. The original shipping estimate for your Spark order was January 2020. We anticipate your Spark order will ship by the end of February.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know by writing to us at support@positivegrid.com.

    Thanks again for your continued support and excitement about Spark. We can't wait for you to get your hands on your Spark!

    • The Spark Team

    [Hope this helps - even though it's not very good news]

  • Not sure if any of you saw this but the Positive Grid guy is on here saying delivery in late of February or early March now. (7:50 mark). If that is for the earliest pre orders I wonder when I'll get mine? (Ordered December 29).

    At the time of my pre order it still stated January 2020 delivery, even at that late date. They must have known they wouldn't hit that date by December 29 2019. That's what I find annoying. It feels like they deliberately mislead in order to keep demand up. I'm pretty sure I would've gone another route had I known it'd take a couple months to get. Now I'm unsure of when I'll get it. Could be late February could be April? I can wait 30 more days. I'm not waiting 60+.

    It'd be nice if when they do start delivering, they can at least give us a timeline based on our order number. I doubt that it'll happen for fear of cancellations though.

    music radar interview from NAMM

  • @loudunham good info - and though again I think the communication has been lousy and misleading I don't think they intended any of this or intend not to deliver, If everyone could just take a step back and imagine a small group like PG trying to respond to the emails from oh let's say 15,000 + people... (keeping in mind how many people must be pounding the email over and over and we may understand the lack of "personal" replies - not to mention all of the other emails about all the other products they actually can do something about)
    0_1580247357596_01 spk.jpg
    I hope everyone is able to hang on and get their orders without too much pain - cheers

  • @loudunham
    Good post thanks but I don't buy their reasoning of "overwhelming response". Some units should have shipped out already and the overwhelming response ones at a later date. I think have bugs they are working out as some reviews of the product have stated online.

  • While I understand the frustrations, they've been very clear about two things:

    1. no exact shipping date with an implied flexible timeframe
    2. your money is refundable up to the point of shipping

    I ordered mine in November and have still not received it. I wasn't born in the 90's so, according to experts, I'm good with waiting. I'm confident that if it all goes sideways, my payment process will back me up. Besides, we probably all burn through a Spark amp in a couple of months on drinks alone:)

    Bottom line is that if you wanted to put your money on the table and walk away with an item, this was not that transaction.

  • @Johnny Agreed, at least in part. Some may have noticed that the Yamaha THR 10 II wireless appears be in short supply as well. If they share similarities at the component level then that may be what the real issue is. Never the less, PG could and should step up and prioritize the transparent / accurate communication regarding this roll out. Most customers are willing to be patient. That said, this has moved from the realm of patience to mismanagement of expectations. Folks are disappointed because PG failed to proactively and effectively communicate status to better manage expectations. There are definitely lessons to be learned as PG continues to grow - let's hope someone in PG marketing is taking notes on the real ask of the forum (transparency) and not doubling down on efforts to manage the optic.

  • Latest, that most of you should have already seen:

    Dear Spark Power Supporter,

    We’re writing to share some updates about your Spark amp and app. As you may know, Spark has been a runaway success, with now over 20,000 pre-orders and a slew of positive feedback from the media, YouTubers and more. In fact, we just unveiled Spark at the NAMM Show in January where it was awarded the “Best Guitar Amp at NAMM” from MusicRadar.

    We know you’ve been waiting for your Spark, and we’re sure what you really want to know is, “When will I get mine?” Here’s what’s happening. The popularity of Spark has exceeded our expectations and the large quantity of orders has resulted in a shortage of an essential component. The good news is we’ve been able to re-source this component, and our production is back on track. However, this shortage has created a delay past our original estimate for January shipping.

    We will be shipping Early Bird and Super Early Bird orders the first week of February. Power Supporter purchasers, will follow in the order in which they were received. We anticipate now that you will receive your order by the end of February.

    In the meantime, we’ll continue to share more news and updates on Spark, and we’re excited to get your Spark to you soon. You can follow production updates on our site.

  • @lcouri Well........When you run out of ideas???
    I'm currently constructing my own spark amp.
    Yes. I've run out of ideas.... In lieu of my fully purchased spark amp, paid many months ago. I've
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    I printed out a life size ( I'm assuming the size, I've only ever seen, or heard of these things ON YOUTUBE!!!! You know, the place that sold me the idea of this purchase in the first place ) printed out a lifesize cut out of the ..POSITIVE GRID.. "SPARK SMARt AMP", thusly adhering it upon my already perfectly good tube amp. I set the monkey on the drum stool, strapped his bass about his neck, and lit a firecracker under the poor primate's posterior.
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    it was all just a..... a dream... no.... monkey... I spent so much time training my beloved monkey.... it was all just a dream this whole time.....BUGGAR ALL!!!! TIME TO GET A NEW MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!.................................

  • @jtdscrap LMAO!!! Well done!!

  • @steeldogbeckmb Do you really want meaningless overly optimistic answers? They are working as fast as they can and they really don't have a clue it seems. Think summer.

  • For what its worth, I was born in the 70s so pre-production ordering is really foreign to me - but - I have seen the demos for the product (I really want it) and saving $75 bucks means a lot to me considering I couldnt get it any sooner for the retail price. I just ordered mine yesterday so I will be sure to put it in my will in case I die before it comes. I ordered it, paid for it and then have pretty much accepted that I will have to wait, but I am really excited and pretty certain it will be worth the wait. To add my opinion and tidy up this conversation, it does state that you can cancel your order and get a refund if your order hasnt shipped, so all "set" expectations aside, you have the power to relieve your frustrations and send a message by taking your business elsewhere if you dont want to wait. I will personally just wait it out - I will call it a surprise gift to myself when it lands.

  • @ussfcoach I don't mind waiting, either.

    For one thing, the apps reportedly need work, and having a few thousand Spark Amps in others' hands for a few months will help spur improvements to the apps before I get mine.