Moving to new iPad?

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    Is there a procedure to move all of your Bias FX info to a new iPad from an old one? I know some of my apps move their presets between these devices ok, but not sure if there's a way in Bias

  • @pipelineaudio Might have to use tonecloud, which kinda sucks if you have lots of presets.

  • You can just backup to Dropbox and then restore from Dropbox on your new iPad.

    It better work because that’s my plan when I get my new iPad.

  • @alderre , and all - Yes, this works, in BIAS FX, you go to Settings - Preset Backup - Backup Preset to Dropbox.

    I tried this yesterday, and a folder was created in the "Apps" folder in Dropbox, with a folder name of "Bias FX". In this folder is a zip file named '". I'm guessing this is a backup of all of the presets, not just the one active when I sent to Dropbox.

    This option is not available in BIAS AMP though, looks like you'd need to move the preset from BIAS AMP to BIAS FX, then send to Dropbox.

    (there's also an option for "Restore Presets from Dropbox" - I have not tried this option)

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  • Hopefully, at some point it will support iCloud directly. I use it on my Macs and love it. Would be cool to have all of them in sync across mac and mobile.

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    Does the desktop version let you do this in some way?

  • @pipelineaudio Yes. I have two macbook pros and both have Bias/Bias FX. They both use iCloud for their documents. If I create a new preset/bank/change anything, it is automatically reflected on the other Mac with zero thought or effort. If the iOS version were changed to allow the app to point at the iCloud area for users who run this way, it would all sync everywhere at once. Like magic.

    There may be some technical details (i.e. if the file format is not truly 1:1 between the two versions, the mobile app would have to default to a non-icloud method and allow the option to switch because not all users use it, etc) but it would be amazing if it was fully supported. Really the one distinct advantage PG has over the competition in my eyes is they are both mobile and desktop and they are preset compatible. Automated syncing would take that to a whole new level for me.