When will my SPARK Amp arrive ? I ordered it Jan. 22nd 2020. They got my Order, but didnt say when it would arrive.

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  • I ordered my Spark in December 2019. I'm wondering when I will get it as well.
    When I placed the order they said it would be sometime in February. I wish there was a place to enter the order number and check the status.

  • @tomsrowe I ordered Dec 29. Just got an email saying it'll be end of March

  • @markthornhill5 Don't count on it. I ordered in November and the email I received today from PG says "you will have to wait longer than we previously reported" & "we will now be shipping units to Power Supporters throughout March and into April"

  • @tomsrowe Did you get it yet - they just announced yesterday all early bird and super early bird special orders were filled.

    I might add thoughh that adding up those orders according to their own website - those orders account for 1000 amps..

    If it took 3 months to get out 1000 amps how long will it take to get the other 19,000 amps out????

    I really hope they are expanding productin but keeping up the quality :)

  • not sure when the amp will arrive. jan 1st order date .im cool with waiting.
    what im unsure of is the app. just bought a tablet for the app but even though
    its android 9 i cant seem to find the app to download in play store ...ive got an old samsung s6 which is a few years off version 9 and it will show up in the store ready for download but i wanted tablet size functionality ..now has anyone got any fixes for me or is this going to turn into a hassle.thanks if anyone is interested in solving this issue

  • @joryandrew
    yeah i did the math also and it looks like quite a long wait for the special players.

  • You’ll be waiting for a long, long time

  • @andrew

    In the grand scheme of things its no biggy - we ordered a product that wasnt on the shelves yet because we are penny pinchers.... then we have this bizarre over re-actin to the corona-virus (Im an epidemiologist in south autralia) and can say apart from peoples over re-action to hoarding goods the sanctions on movements between China and other countries is definately effecting the transportation of eletronic components, amoung other things, lets hope people calm down a bit.

    So I feel for the company and employees around the world caught up in this unfortunate situation.

    I can wait - no matter how long.... as I, like you - I imagine, care more about people than stuff.

  • Hey,
    I ordered Nov 06, 2019 .

    and Still waiting. :C

  • @joryandrew All PG has to do is communicate. They are refusing.

  • @donramsay Earlier answer PG gave us November 2019 'Power Supporters' was that they would be shipping our units: "throughout March and April". Well March is now past and April is almost over. What's next? 'Throughout June and July? My trackers have said 'being prepared" for weeks.

  • @steeldogbeckmb I'm beginning to wonder if I've been scammed. I ordered at the beginning of Dec. and I haven't received it. I'm check the status online and it says its still being processed. Yet I'm getting marketing emails about pre-ordering. How can they in good faith still be taking pre-orders when they can't fill orders placed last year? Frustrated.


  • For reference, my order was November 29th. Received the amp today. FWIW

  • @steeldogbeckmb interestingly enough, 2 days after I posted the comment above it left for the shipping facility. Still hasn't shipped to me. Almost 6 months after they accepted my money for the amp it still is not in transit to me. Sorry guys, I'm just really frustrated.