Can I use bias amp/fx with spark amp?

  • The spark amp seems like a great idea to practice while I’m away from home etc. But I already have bias amp/fx. So I’m in a position where I’d like to have the benefits the physical amp gives me but use bias amp/fx for my tones instead of the spark app (which seems to me like a limited version of bias amp/fx, currently not having cab simulation etc)

    Is this possible? Or would I be restricted to using the limited spark tones whilst I’m travelling with this amp for example. Then have to recreate them when I get back to my usual rig with bias amp/fx on my desktop pc?

  • It’s my understanding there is no crossover between the two platforms.

  • It would be a great feature to add. This will allow me to create an Amp using Bias Amp on my iPad and send it over to the Spark app, just like I can send it Bias FX app on the iPad.