Full Stack

  • Hey. Is there a way to wire up a full stack to he bias rack? Assuming I run the cabs in series I think that would make two 16 ohm cabinets at 4 ohms? Sound right?

    Here is what I’m thinking:
    Wire out of amp to 16 ohm cabinet. Then wire out of cabinet to the bottom cabinet. Both at 16 ohm cabs.

  • Search for CAB Merger from Palmer. There must be a minimum Impedance of 4 Ohms. Less than 4 Ohms will kill your Power Amp.

  • Yeah I thought that too. Actually, I own a THD hot plate. It’s an attenuator that works at 16 ohms. It has two outputs for cabinets. Which I was thinking would work just fine at its 16 ohms.

  • Loads in series add so it would be 32 ohms. If the two 16 ohms are wired in parallel they == 8. Either way I would not expect any issues for the Bias Head. Solid state amps can generally drive any load as long as it is not too low (i.e. they do not tolerate short circuits but are fine for open circuits).