BIAS FX2 will not launch/open

  • Hey,
    Yesterday I was using Bias FX2 through Reaper and both programs closed down on their own and would not re open. I have re- installed both and Reaper is working again however Bias is not launching/opening either as a standalone or in Reaper.
    I have re-installed my driver/interface & I have reinstalled Bias however it does not seem to open.

    Any help is appreciated.


  • @seanogrady87 I believe if you do not remove all the directories associated with Bias FX2, then it may not overwrite the pre existing install.

    Uninstall the program first through what ever OS platform you are using.

    I think in documents folder there is a folder for bias FX2 and in programs files, that you should uninstall first through windows and check to see it is fully uninstalled.

    Delete anything that has to do with Bias FX2, UNLESS, you need the presets and in that case, not sure how or where they are backed up, and I think this is an issue also with Bias products ?

    If no presets are needed then remove it all, and I am sure somewhere on the forum there is talk about backing up the presets and then bringing them back, which I should also find out about because i had to reinstall a few times as well on different computers.

    Let us know if you fixed the issue.