No sound when using IR Loader - Bias Head

  • Hi all,

    Got myself a Bias head recently and loving it so far. I have a weird problem where if I use the IR Loader and import some e.g.OwnHammer IRs, save the preset to the unit, I then get no sound at all.

    Has anybody had this problem at all?


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    @simonhunter23 Looks tricky to me! Can you send us a request at and share the IR to us for further investigation?

  • Hi,

    I also discovered this issue with my BIAS Rack from time to time.

    Some sounds, mainly downloaded from the tone cloud, do not work with IR enabled.
    If you turn the litte switch for CAB sim off, the sound will come through the Speakers (but whithout sim).

    I'm not quite shure but I think I remember that when this problem occured, the sound will come through the powered out but not through the line out (or other way round). With other sound presets in the same configuration everything was fine.

    Problem only appear on amp ithself. In the software everything is fine.

    Will report if this occurs again.


  • @sebastian-k ah interesting, thanks for the reply, that sounds exactly like what I have. It also doesn't appear to be all IRs as I have definitely had it working with a Lancaster Audio IR.

    Then I thought maybe it was to do with the sample rate or quality of the IR so I have tried a few different ones mainly 44.1 but with no luck.

    I actually already have a ticket open with you for some connection issues so I'll add this to the reply.

    Thanks for your help, loving the unit so far!

  • Hi,

    i've got the same problem. I tried a IR and it worked with Bias Amp 2 but it didn't work with my Bias Mini Bass.

    Is there already a solution for this issue?