Is it just my problem? :-( __ Xtone pro (No output)

  • Hey guys. recently I had a few gigs with the Ipad(biasfx) and Irig pro duo. and now I buy an xtone pro and i'm not getting any output volume. except when I click the tuner "unmute" then I do get an output bypass signal sound.
    I haven't changed any settings form when irig was working.

    Signal Chain

    [Guitar] - 55 - [Xtone pro]InputL - [Xtone pro]OutputL - [Amp]
    | usb
    [Ipad] Bias fx

    It was working fine until I did using irig pro duo.. Any ideas as to how can I fix this as right now it is completely useless. I tried using other mobile effect app(midi guitar2) it was working well. so I think it isn't xtone pro issue.

    I know this is a weak work around, but at least a clue to what's going on.