• Just thought I'd start a thread to consolidate our wishlist items for future patches. Here are my initial four, just to get things started:

    1. A cross-platform real-time sync feature for those of us with multiple platform versions of the different Bias programs. Maybe a sync that only copies whatever presets are missing between our different platforms of each Bias program (Amp, FX, Pedal, etc.). We can delete the duplicates ourselves, manually.

    2. A batch upload/delete feature.

    3. Tone Cloud upload privacy settings for each upload (public/private).

    4. It has been a long time coming... PLEASE put a little polish on your sorting methods.
      a) For starters, make the scroller not a slightly lighter shade of black, and make it a little bigger. The black on black makes it hard to grab the little guy.
      b) Create an auto-sort. With one click, allow us to alphabetize a whole bank of presets. Probably add a 'sort by download date' and a 'sort by last-modified date' too. In fact, yes, do this -- pretty much becomes essential, once you've downloaded so many presets!

    These 4 items alone would double my pleasure with your product. Thank you!

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