midi controlller - synchronization

  • Hi.
    When I played with Overloud, my midicontroler is alway still synchonized with aplication. For example when I switch on distortion, the light is lighting. With Bias FX very often is the opposite. I can turn on for example distortion pedal but the light is off and when pedal is off the light can shine. I think Overloud has some synchronization. When I turn on some pedal by hand (clicking by mouse) and after it i am using midi controller, i can see that the lights are equal to pedals which i have on. I use Melloaudio midi commander. Sometimes I play with Bias FX with the real tube amp, I use it like pedalboard. Is it posiible to have the synchronization in Bias FX 2 too? And if yes, how? Thanks for reply.

  • A2

    Bias uses toggle instead of on or off and it leads to all sorts of nightmares! Please please please Positive Grid, let us have on/off instead of or as well as, toggle

  • @pipelineaudio So Overloud is better for this, its not posiible to have in Bias FX now? In the other way , when i compare Overloud and Bias FX, sometimes I have better feeling with Overould (general feel from the sound), but Bias FX2 has better pedals maybe. When the guitar singnal is going through Bias FX ,I have feeling as there would be some some lowcut filter a little bit even without any effect on. I am not shure, its only feeling.