BIAS FX2 Edited preset problem (Presets won't save)

  • Hi, i have this VERY annoying problem that i cannot solve - i have a couple of presets that i modified and EVERYTIME I turn BIAS FX2 i have this information on the right of the preset's name that says "Edited*" and even after overwriting them many times, everytime i want to change my preset i get a warning window asking whether i wish to save my preset or ignore it. it is EXTREMELY annoying because my favourite preset, that is loaded on start is somehow listed as EDITED RIGHT AFTER i start the program, despite the fact that i tried DOZENS of times to overwrite it (that obviously causes the "EDITED*" info to disappear, but only until i close the program - it is shown as EDITED anyway the next time i decide tu run BIAS FX2)

    • reinstalling didn't help
    • saving the preset as a new one didn't help, i get the same problem everytime i tweak with my newly saved preset

    Has anyone encountered a similar problem? As i said, it is unbelievably annoying that i have to save some of my presets before i can switch to other ones despite overwriting them so many times....! 0_1578830336503_D4zi3Sm3KiyULW.png

  • Yes, I'm seeing this too. If you have the setting turned on that warns you of needing to save, you see the message very often. It's annoying.

  • @wojciech-ratusinski: I have same problem with some downloaded presets.
    I sent it to PG Support (2019. 12. 05 [Dec. 5]), but there is no solution yet.