Bias FX 2 recording with Apollo MK-ii twin duo "Real-time monitoring" question

  • Hi,

    My current setup is the Apollo MK-ii twin duo interface with Logic Pro X and using Bias FX 2. I'm wondering if its a good idea to use the Logic Pro's monitor input while I'm recording with the Apollo Twin MK-ii since I would prefer practicing/recording intensively like this, I want to make sure that my setup is capable of capturing this real time and not making my timing off or my sense of timing off. Please let me know what you all think.

    Thank you!

  • A2

    Generally, people will happily tolerate around 13 msec of round trip latency.

    Most people playing thru their ipads and iphones are running an RTL or 22msec or more

    I have found that even the crankiest of people generally don't percieve any latency under 10 msec

    All that said, IF you are hearing both the acoustic and the processed, latent source at once, there can be some issues, but we're generally ok now when not doing phase critical stuff