Bias FX 2 + iRig Blueboard

  • Hi. First of all its a real pain to connect Blueboard to a Mac and Bias - it need a separate app launched just to function. Second - if it's in midi CC mode - it works to turn pedals on and off, but does it wrong way - the pedal will turn on, but won't turn off and vice versa. It won't work at all in program change mode. I made it to switch between scenes at least though it works weird as well, but when I use my own preset and switch scenes - Bias 2 for Mac crashes right away.

    P.S.: The weirdest thing is that iRig Blueboard works perfectly correct with Bias iOS app, so please make it the same way for Mac.

    P.P.S.: I can provide a crash log if you want it

  • Here's a link to a crash log

  • Also the tap tempo on a Mac with iRig Blueboard works incorrectly - it seemingly analyses the time between button releases and not between button presses, though again - works perfectly correct on iOS - please check and fix that as well

  • any of you out there use midi controllers at all I wonder?...