Yamaha THR10 with BIAS FX2 and macBook pro: input not recognised

  • I'm a new BIAS FX2 user. I'm trying to use my Yamaha THR10 as an audio interface to my MacBook pro. I've installed the current version of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver (v2.0.2).
    When I connect the THR10 to my MacBook, Bias FX2 shows the THR10 as an option for input and output in the Audio Settings. So I select these. But there is no input actually being received by BIAS FX2 from my guitar, e.g. the BIAS FX2 tuner does not recognise any input from the guitar.

    I'm obviously doing something wrong. Is the driver not being used for some reason? (Please note that the post by Javier does not help me - I do not have the options to select any options in the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver in the way that his post describes, possibly a Mac?Windows difference?)

    Any MacBook and Yamaha THR10 users out there who can offer any advice. Many thanks.

  • Made a giant step forward - it's the Mac System Preferences->Security and Privacy->Privacy tab. You have to tick the checkbox there for the application in question, i.e. Bias FX2 in my case. And then open the padlock and enter your password to secure the change and then close the padlock again. That seemed to do the trick. Obvious to a Mac guru I suppose, but not to me!