Logging in, again

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    Moving presets and amps between setups is no small task, it is actually a very lengthy process being that right now, it seems the only way to do it is Tonecloud. It seems strange to me that Tonecloud cannot remember your login information. That would be a huge step up in the quality of life, if logging in was automatic, or at least just a button press, and a consistent login menu for each of the PG apps.

  • I see I'm the fourth person to thumbs-up this post in the last day. This must be a pain point for many users.

  • Might be an FX thing. I haven't logged into Tonecloud on Bias AMP in days at least, probably weeks, and it was still logged in. Bias FX I can't recall when I last logged in, and it was not, so I did. There might be a cookie-like thing for each....

    Nor was I logged into PositiveGrid.com , and it failed when I did. Had to reset my password. However, opening a new browser tab or page, I find I am not logged in, and it again fails. Straaange.

    Also note this (IE11 in my case) when I visit PositiveGrid.com :


    Unfortunately, IE and Edge don't support our new shopping related features yet. Please visit our sites in Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • My login issues have been on iOS within the apps, not on the desktop versions.