Where are these amps?

  • Hi, Purchased BIAS Fx 2 and BIAS Amp 2 Elite Combo yesterday in the sales and so far so good. I have been using Amplitube now for close on 10 years and this just might edge it out. Anyway today I found a list of amps in BIAS FX and their real world inspirations which is very handy, but, the first one I went to try I could not find in BIAS FX or BIAS Amp so I searched for it and found it, same thing happened for several other amps. Even after I have found an amp using search it still doesnt show up in BIAS Fx (unless I search again), so any ideas what is going on here, or where I should be looking for these elusive amps. The one I originally looked for was Paul Arch inspired by Paul Reed Smith Archon 100, it should be in the Crunch section but it isnt, but it is somewhere??