Bias FX 2 Standalone - UI - sizable window request

  • Guys, come on. It's 2020 now and you release a version two (!) software with a fixed window size of 862x677 pixels.... seriously???

    I know, you might come from the Ipad where it's an app and you don't have to deal with dynamic UI, because once it is running it fits the screen, done!
    And all those recording dudes, who use biasFX in a DAW are used to those tiny fidely Plugin interfaces, with fixed window sizes, because its common sense among audio plugin devs. I'm one of those recording dudes as well and even if I don't like it, I'm used to those interfaces and deal with it (for god's sake!)

    Is it so hard to enhance the standalone Desktop BiasFX Version, so we can make it bigger on screen??? Those scroll bars are 4 pixels wide! I'm an old man , I have family, and no time to scroll through hundreds of amp models, while having enough screen space to display them all at once!

    Come On Guys, enhance it!


  • I agree,
    why the window is so small and is not possible to resize it ?
    The window of Bias Fx2 in my 27" monitor is very small

  • @derpapa It is a drag not being able to resize by dragging, but you can change the window size and make it larger in the Settings.

    0_1578296361210_581.jpg 0_1578296365714_582.jpg

  • Well ok, that solves the "tiny buttons problem", but it does not provide more screen real estate for the content, which was my intention for this thread.