Bias FX 2 - Setting not saving

  • I open Bias FX 2 as a VST.
    I load something that has Uni-vibe in it.
    I change the rate down to 1.
    I switch the type to Vibrato - not Chorus.
    I Save or Overwrite - either.
    I close Bias FX 2 as a VST.
    I start a new document, open Bias FX 2 as a VST.
    I retrieve the saved patch and the Uni-vibe setting is back on Chorus and a rate of 5 - default.
    What have I done wrong?

  • My host is Reason.
    I'm told I have to make a "save" of the VST container/combinator in order to have the parameters save with the song.
    Posting this reply, if that helps anybody.

  • Looking into this later.
    Bias FX (1) would save everything as I expect.
    Trading in Bias FX 2 at the same spot of VST for Bias FX (1) doesn't save the same.
    Does anyone know if PG changed the wave they saved things in VST when they made Bias FX 2?

    Nothing I do in Bias FX 2 works nicely at first.
    I have to open the VST window of Bias FX 2 just to get it to process the sound. I get nothing until I do this with each file.
    Then I can only get the saved parameters I want if I re-up the saved VST save after it is already open.
    This is frustrating.
    I paid money for 2 and I don't want to ignore it and go back to Bias FX (1) because it acts predictably.

  • Worked with Support on these problems.
    After installing a BETA version, provided, I am able to open up the host DAW and get sound from Bias FX 2 VST immediately. That problem seems solved.
    The other problem about UniVibe parameter settings they called a "known issue" and say they are working to correct this.