Bias fx with ipod

  • Hi has anyone successfully used bias fx app in an Ipod and if yes what Ipod version and what kind of audio interface was used.?

    I used it with an iPad mini but it's still bulky with the audio interface which requires a lighting to USB adapter (apple camera adapter they call it) and it's not really convenient and not that portable.

    I'm thinking of buying an Ipod 2019 model which is relatively affordable, plus the irig HD 2 audio interface, which seems to have an apple lightening cable input.

    Any experience with an Ipod?

  • I can recommend the Xtone Xsonic instead of the iRig HD 2. Very low latency, good sound, built like a tank and three midi foot switches (with 3 switchable banks so 9 different programmable foot switches)

  • I have the X tone pro. 6 switches so 18 banks and a mic in with +48v. As Jo said low latency, decent results. Midi is assignable through USB so no midi cables, click and assign and added a simple TRS expression cable for wah/volume

  • @jo I checked Xsonic products and hey looks great! I am considering buying one - it's not expensive at all. Just one question. I understood that you ca assign all 3 knobs for various functions within one preset (switching effects on/off, change presets within 1 bank and so on. I have several banks of presets saved on my iPad - 1A 1B 1C and 1D...then 2A 2B 2C 2D... Is it possible to go through my preset banks with Xsonic Xtone? Can I quickly go for example from preset saved on 1B position to a preset on 3D position?