Midi Toggling Pedals with Xtone XSonic not working right (solved, solution in post)

  • Hi,

    I have a XTone XSonic Pedal audio interface with three foot switches. I have mapped the switches to the looper buttons and it works there to start, stop or clear the looper.

    I now tried to map the toggle of a distortion pedal to a switch and doesn't seem to work. The XTone sends a CC10 with value 7F and then immediately another CC10 with 0. It seems so that the pedal gets switched on and immedately off again.

    I also thought that I did try this in the past and remember that it did work.

    How is this supposed to work?

    (Found the Solution):
    The XTone XSonic has different command modes. If one presses foot switch A and B together it switches to a Bias FX compatible mode where it only sends one CC10 with 7F on each press.