iRig HD2 + iPad signal flow

  • Hi, i use iRig HD2 as an interface for iPad + BIAS FX2. When you connect the headphones directly to the iPad, everything is OK. But when I connect the headphones to the iRig headphone output, the sound comes from only one side. If I plug the headphone jack half way into the iRig jack, it works. But anyway, the sound from iRig is much worse than the sound I get from the iPad (thin, buzzing, flat). So my question is: what is your signal flow setting for iRig + iPad + headphones? And what is your setup for live gigs? Does amp-output on iRig work well?

  • do you have 2 or 3 rings on the 3.5mm headphone jack plug?

  • @vaultnaemsae

    There are 2 rings.

  • @dusan-vainer When you refer to rings, are you referring the the very thin stripes in between the gold sections (or silver on some plugs)? If so and there are two of them, that shouldn't be the issue, but it was a very good thought.

    Anyway, something isn't right here. What you describe usually happens if you're using an incompatible plug, or if the headphone jack is broken (e.g., internal break in one of the solder joints to the PCB). It could also be a broken wire in your headphone cable that just happens to work when plugged into your iPad, but that's less likely based on your description. First suggestion would be to try a different pair of headphones. The headphone out jack on the iRig should definitely be giving you full, stereo sound.

    I doubt if signal flow settings have anything to do with this. This is very likely some kind of hardware issue.

  • @dusan-vainer
    I hope its not the case for you, but my headphone out on the iRig HD2 (Correction: I had the iRig Pro IO) broke after 3 weeks of use. I've returned it and bought a Xtone XSonic - which is by far the better interface.

  • Hi, thanks I'll check it. Looks robust and suitable.