Did I get the correct PSU(s)?

  • In the last few days I’ve just received a Bias Distortion Pro and a Delay Pro. I’m very happy with them, except:

    The Delay came with a micro USB cable and a 9v mains adaptor. Not an issue, can use either to power the cable. Happy days.

    However, the distortion pro came with a micro USB cable and a horrible travel adaptor with a USB port on it (in a really stupid location). Also, there was a 2.1mm to 2.5mm converter. Nice touch, but no AC adaptor!

    So, should I have received an AC adaptor as per the delay pedal? I’m confused??!! Did the supplier swap something out in the box before shipping?

    Personally, I’d prefer the AC adaptor as per the delay pro. The travel adaptor is not a viable solution. For anything!

    Would be interested to know what should have come with the pedal.


  • @Felix I’d appreciate an answer to this as i need to know if the supplier failed to deliver something that should be in the box.

  • Moderator

    @ed-haslam The Distortion Pro doesn't come with the same PSU as the Delay pedal.

  • @felix ok thanks. Is there any difference in the power requirements between the three pro pedals or can I run them all from the same 9V supply?

  • Moderator

    @ed-haslam All 3 pedals can be powered from the same 9V supply at 270 mA.