• Hi guys, i´m having a hard time trying to figure how to get BIAS FX to run as a plug within the DAW (Ableton, Reaper, ProTools First). I can run it as stand alone app but when trying to use for exaple in Ableton it shows the installation folders intead of the actual app. Any suggestions? thanks!


  • @zeta hey there, did you fix your issue ?

    If not, something you can try, it would seem Bias products do not like to install in the proper VST folders of some DAW, which means you will have to manually input them in Reaper via Program files Reaper FX folder.

    So you need to find the .DLL of bias which will most likely look like biasamp2.dll, and copy that file to program files\repeaer\fx folder.

    Then when adding a new FX in repear, get reaper to scan for the new FX, and you will see it in the ALL FX folder or in the New added folder for the FX.

    Let us know if you fixed the issue



  • Hi Mike.
    was wondering if bias fx2 will work with bias amp.ive got the choice of the free fx2 as a gift for waiting for my spark amp im pretty happy with the setup i already have .seen some conflicting posts about fx2 and dont want to download it if i then need to upgrade to amp2 for it to work seemlessly ..any info would be appreciated

  • just another question about positive grids promos..ive been using bias amp pro and bias fx pro for about 3 years now and because of the spark amp delay was offered the bias fx 2 standard for free. my concern is that on their website at the moment i can purchase the fx2 pro for the same price as the fx2 standard which is 69 dollars .if i then want to upgrade to pro ill have to pay another 69 dollars .if the value is the same id be more inclined to stay with the pro versions as i always have .somethings just dont equate to me with pg's pricing's .its not like i havent been a loyal customer and i would upgrade if some of the conflicting posts ive seen about fx2 were not an issue .i just dont want to go back to standard version when ill need to upgrade to pro later for the same value that they are offering me now.

  • I got in touch with the PG team and asked for the FX2 pro instead of the standard version they were offering and they were cool enough to give me that upgrade ..i then saw the promo for elite and i picked it up for 70usd..i was then lucky enough to come across a sale for the Amp2 pro for 12usd..Today i upgraded that to the amp elite for 50usd....i didnt mind spending that cash because it included the full pedal pack which was valued at 297usd.more cabs in the celestion classics pack.i was pretty stoked on the savings but today ive updated the FX2 elite and i have to say some of the settings are awful ..i tried the slash setup and frusciante tones and i cant even tell you how they sounds ...think i may have to go back to the last version cause im really disappointed ..might need to get in touch with support but im writing this because i think some others on the forum have run into the same issues ..