Impuluse response/Fiddlicator...rolling off lows and highs

  • Hey guys.

    Anyone using you use any of the high low end filters or input output gain controls at all?

    I have been fudging around alot with different amps from Bias and sending them into Fiddlicator for IRs but the thing is that most of the different amp models have drastically different output levels so the end result is that if you switch an amp model you have to go back into fiddlicator and adjust your levels to fit the new model.

  • I switched to Bias pro on the desktop and transferring amps with baked in IRs much better performance.

  • yes i found the same thing with fiddlicator.
    there is a single gain control that makes light work of it.
    other than that matching issue i find it works just fine for the ir's i have used.
    i also want to note that anytime i use different plugins in the pc versions i have to do some lvl matching as well. so its just the nature of the beast.