Harley Benton MP100 AKA MeloAudio Midi Controller

  • Hi guys!
    BiasFX 2 user here.
    I just got a Harley Benton MP100 and I'm having some trouble figuring out one thing that might be very easy to fix.
    The BIFX mode allows you to use the bottom row (A to D) to change presets and the top row (1 to 4) to change things on-off and other stuff on a specific effect of the preset you are using. But when I switch between the presents, it doesn't memorize the changes that were made and when I come back to it, the LEDs do not match with the on-off effects that I set, It just shows all LEDs off for the top row.
    Is there a way to fix this?

  • @joaofcm12 No. It is a limitation of the way MIDI works. That is why many devices like the Fractal AxeFx and Line 6 Helix have proprietary footswitches to facilitate proper two way communication.