Bypassing cabinet / amp match questions

  • Hello- using Bias Amp 2 connected to Bias Mini Guitar. Latest firmware, all software up to date. iOS 13.2.2

    2 questions:

    I thought that all cabinet sims were bypassed when using Bias Mini Guitar with a cabinet (using the speaker out). In all of the presets, the cabinet is enabled, I don't see how to turn it off. And if I change the microphone, the sound changes- telling me the cabinet is not bypassed. How can I correct this? I can drag the cabinet out of the signal chain when it’s not connected to the head, but cannot once it’s connected to the head.

    Second- If I am using Bias Amp 2 for iPad without connecting it to the Bias Mini, the "amp match" section shows up in the signal chain if it's an amp matched tone. When I connect to the Bias Mini, the amp match section disappears. Is this something I am doing wrong?

  • Hello? Can anyone please help me with this? @Felix? I've emailed Positive Grid 3 times and haven't gotten a response.

  • Moderator

    @nakleh Just replied to your request, please check you inbox, thank you!