Issue when using BIAS FX 2 with Ableton Live: Sometimes sound does not get modified

  • Hey. Thanks for your time to read this.

    I'm using Live 10 with BIAS FX 2 plugin in my shows. I usually have 3 or 4 tracks with guitars with the plug in on it. The problem is that, sometimes, the plug in doesn't work. When i start playing the song, the guitar "goes" through the plug in, but the sound is not modified.

    The only way to make it work, is to delete the plug in in the track and then open it again. This usually works, but sometimes i have to reset Live completly in orther to work correctly.

    Does anybody had the same issue? I'm quite desperate because, as i said, i use this on live situations and it's quite embracing to spend too much time fixing things on stage.

    Thanks very much and happy music to everyone!

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    Hi, please try the version below to see if the issue is resolved if possible

  • I'm seeing the exact same issue with Live 9. The plugin GUI reacts to the signal by updating the VU meters of the input and output channels. However, all I hear is the clean sound. @Mike The build I have is "", which I expect is a newer version than the one you posted.

  • I am having issues running BFX2 as a VST in Ableton Live 10 - most recent built - I have a track where I have guitar recorded and I am listening to it in a loop. I am trying to fine tune my tone - it seems that after a while any changes I make to Bias FX 2 have no effect on the sound I am getting while monitoring - headphones or speakers. Change amp - no change in sound - turn off a stomp box - no change in sound.

    Thoughts - am running windows and have a Soundcraft Signature MTK as my interface - also using Novation Launch Control XL and Novation LaunchKeyMini mk2

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,
    Any news on this topic? I'm having the same issue with Bias FX2, Live 10, Windows 10. I have several tracks with Bias FX and everytime I open the project, some of them don't modify the sound. Different ones each time.
    It gets fixed removing and adding the plugin again to the track.