Signal from iOS to PC

  • Hi folks, though all BIAS apps are really great and it's very enjoyable to play with them, the presets are not cross-platform. This is really annoying, of course. I would like to create a preset on my iPad and use it also on my PC for recording in my DAW (Reaper). I had an idea what could partially resolved this. I tried to create a preset on my iPad (connected via iRig HD 2) and then use the tablet as a effect unit from which the signal is routed from iRig to my DAW's input via my USB interface (Focusrite Scarlett). However the results are not good. The signal which Reaper receives is very por quality and very quiet. Did anybody from you tried this?

  • I have not tried that. But it is strange what you say:
    as I told in the other thread you have, I made a patch with iPad, and in the Tonecloud this could be seen from FX desktop and couldn't be seen from FX2 desktop. So, I downloaded it from FX desktop and then transfered it to FX2 desktop and I can use it.

  • Yes, tone cloud is the way to do this. You're working too hard if you are trying to connect the iOS device to the computer directly. The native plugin will be much easier with the preset loaded from Tone cloud.

  • @elric Yes, it's quite complicated way how to get sound of your presets from iPad to your session on a PC. But it is not possible to upload preset from iPad to Tone Cloud and then download it to PC.