Spark Pre-Order Shipments

  • I am wondering if the "Early Bird" Pre-Order Sparks are still scheduled to be shipped in December 2019? I have not seen or received any updates on my order...Thanks!

  • @cottero December is what Positive Grid on Facebook has been saying. I've posted to this forum asking about a way to check order status online. That would be most helpful as I know how eager we all are to receive and start working with the Spark!

  • @thetomdillon Thanks for the info...I have put in a request for the status of my order!

  • Yes that would be helpful! I'm also wondering how to download the free app that came with my pre-order... I'm hoping it isn't just this, it boasts 10,000 tones and voice command and everything else cool that comes with the spark... Any help would be great, I'm a Kemper profiler user but this is going to be great just sitting on my coffee table for practice

  • @waltnls Try this for info requests to Positive Grid....

  • Positive Grid said "Early Bird" will be delayed, maybe shipped in Jan 2020. I'm not sure.
    So not "Early Bird"

    The estimated delivery was in December, we're working hard on ensuring the best quality of Sparks preordered and there could be a delay to the delivery, there is a possibility that It might not arrive on time for Christmas I'm afraid.
    It will start from Jan.2020,

  • Can anyone help me find a phone number for PG?
    I got in on the early bird special in October but just found out my order won’t be shipping until late Jan instead of December (like advertised).
    Problem is.. I’m moving mid January and I dont want to have this whole order fudged up because PG missed their deadline.


    I already got a response through their ticket system and they seemed really helpful and willing to work with me in any way!

    Although if anyone gets word on their shipment it would be of great help if you could let me know please...

    Thanks in advance!