"Song Editor" improvements wish list

  • I would like to see "Song Editor" improvements in next update.

    Drum Track:

    1. Multi selection patterns for move or duplicate.
    2. Duplicated pattern should be pasted into cursor placed not to the end of track.
    3. Possibility set different drum kits for each pattern. Maybe automation will be right.
    4. Possibility set different volume for each pattern. Maybe automation will be right.
    5. Possibility increasing length of pattern by using looping like is in eg. Garageband.
    6. After deleting pattern the rest of track should be automatically moved for eliminate empty place. However multi selecting will help for it.

    Audio Track:

    1. Possibility volume. Maybe automation will be right.
    2. Possibility slice audio track.
    3. Import audio "Files" app or paste from clipboard for using "Play to Find" option.

    Real time changing drum kits during recording in garageband. This is only idea :-)

    edit: Release 1.5.5 fixes Autosave and give us cool Jazz Patterns :-)
    So, great would to have 3/4 for all existing patterns as alternative :-)

  • @mark-bether I'm jotting down some notes : )

    Drum Track:

    1. We'll circle back to this at a later date : )
    2. Just for our feedback, why at the cursor and not the end of the track? Why not right after the pattern that's being duplicated?
    3. The ability to assign drum kits to individual patterns. Noted.
    4. It's possible atm. Go to the Drum page to edit each individual instruments. Maybe a master volume would help.
    5. This has been discussed. We'll come back to it : )
    6. Maybe implement an option that allows patterns to be shuffled when a pattern has been deleted. But I like the way it is now.

    Audio track:

    1. More volume control for audio.
    2. Not entirely sure if X Drummer needs this. It does not require in-depth editing for audio files like a typical DAW.
    3. Got it. Allow recorded audio files to be imported into X Drummer.

    We'll look into providing more content in the near future. Stay tuned : )

  • Thanks for reply.
    Drum Track:

    1. OK
    2. Can be duplicated after the pattern that's being duplicated if will be support for selection of multi tracks.
    3. OK
    4. Master Volume sounds good but if will be directly on each pattern at Song Editor section.
    5. OK.
    6. OK. But support for selection of multi tracks will do a job with fill this empty place.

    Audio track:

    1. OK
    2. I don't want editor like in DAW but simply slice or although possibility of move an audio track without snapping because can't set it equal with drum track for now.
    3. OK.

    One more time thanks for reply.