Midi implementation

  • Hi Positive Grid team, please have a look at improving your midi implementation features. Compared to your competitors, you are seriously lacking. One thing that really annoys me is the fact that your toggle changes on every midi control message. So, even if I send control value 127 and the pedal toggle is on, it will switch off. It should only toggle Off when receiving 0 and ON for a value higher than 0 (1-127) or you should be able to customize the setting. This is something really basic ?? Or am I making it too complicated...

  • I echo this. In speaking with Ron at RJM, he expressed that he has reached out to PG with no engagement back. He is not a competitor but a pro level support vendor and well known MIDI expert.

    With the goal of using Bias software for multiple live applications, robust midi support is necessary to take this above other platforms. Please consider dedicating some major resources to this functionality and engaging with RJM.

  • @micaht0078 as a user of the RJM mastermind lt I could not agree more and have been asking for years to have real full midi control on all platforms (desktop and iPad)

  • @tafkad yep. Would love to just have a separate program for my Bias rig vs. analogue pedal rack rig that would allow me to just cart along my same pedalboard with the GT 22. I fee like Bias is ready to go to the next level but needs some gentle encouragement. The fact that Rob is willing and has already reached out says a ton.

  • How are you guys sending MIDI to FX2? Are you using a DAW or a MIDI pedal. I have a Behringer FCB1010 that I keep meaning to try with FX2, likewise with Reaper.... I can see a use for having midi control over FX2. How are you guys using the MIDI?

  • @redspecial62 said in Midi implementation:

    How are you guys sending MIDI to FX2? Are you using a DAW or a MIDI pedal

    well I use a midi pedal and send midi to BFX in either standalone or in a DAW - in a DAW I load it as a "midi controlled AU FX" in the "instrument" slot (not in a regular FX slot where you will not have midi control) works well (using logic but I have posted some info showing how to control in a few DAWs)

    I use the same midi pedal (Mastermind LT) with a small bluetooth dongle plugged into it to send midi to my iPad

    there is pictures of my stuff and how I do it here, just search my posts

  • @micaht0078 maybe now that they have gotten this new toy "spark" out of the way they can get back to what most people bought into the platform for years ago - "SOFTWARE" - and make some improvements and fix mobile BFX in any IAA hosting app to rid it of the deadly speaker killing BUZZSAW bug - hopefully BFX2 iOS will have it's sh*t together soon and maybe we can see some better professional menus/tools settings on both platforms (desk and mobile)

    all complaints aside there is not many options out there for us really like what ten or so and this is still my preferred tool so far, but it is not my only tool and would have to do a bit better to win that accolade

  • @redspecial62 Right now I am not. I intend too use the FCB1010, I I can ever get one of the backordered gems, to go through my Audio interface and into the MBP. That will work well for rehearsals, church gigs and the small stuff. For major work I want to invoke my GT22 which has mission volume and expression pedals build in along with an RMC-8 for wah purposes. This will give me max control and flexibility with monitoring and signal routing/switching.

  • @tafkad Agreed. Not the only tool and the midi implementation would not be hard since most of that is a universal language and should already be mapped. They need to get on it though. This is SOP in computer based music realm.

  • I use the same midi pedal (Mastermind LT) with a small bluetooth dongle plugged into it to send midi to my iPad 9apps cartoonhd.onl

  • When I use it's works