Spark vs Bias FX

  • What, if any, is the difference in sound quality of tones between these two?
    Is it Bias FX in a box?

  • Can someone please answer this?
    If you’re just interested in tones and cloud access is there any reason to buy Spark?
    I have jamup and not too impressed but biasFX demo seems better Sound to me, obviously need to buy the full pack to get all the tones to work.
    In other words as far as tone is concerned if you plied headphones into Spark or iPad wiry biasFX, would they sound the same!

  • I think it is a different interface entirely and it's not compatible with the bias amps created but im not sure. I did hear the app is different though.
    Sounds are probably better as there wouldn't be any sort of latency issues as it'd go directly out.

    which actually whatever is inside the spark box is what I need for my BIAS FX2 instead of playing in a DAW or headphones. I wanna hear it LOUD to a cab.

  • @agjones said in Spark vs Bias FX:

    Is it Bias FX in a box?