Bias FX2 - Icons missing

  • Hey there,

    maybe somebody is facing a similar issue and has quick solution for me:

    I am facing a strage bug in Bias FX2 - some icons are not showing up in the gui, but I can click on the specific area in the gui and the function will work (e.g. tuner icon is missing - click where it is supposed to be and the tuner opens). So I read your FAQs and help articles, but no suggested solution (new install, delete settings in windwos temp folder etc., install grafic card driver, etc.) worked for me.

    I also tried to lower my screen solution to 1920x1200 and the refresh rate to 60 Hz but this also didn't work. (I've got an 2k -144Hz monitor in use). Please find a screenshot attached.

    OS: Win 10
    Drivers: up to date
    Interface: Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 V2
    DAW: Using Bias FX2 standalone

    Has anybody an suggestions what else to try?

  • So unfortunately the support-team is not able to help me with this problem - anybody out there who got an idea what could cause this behavior?