Got it right!

  • I upgraded and have found the new Bias software finally splendid! I just wanted to let you know my excitement. I do however see a couple of bugs such as : The splitter in small view shows wrong position compared to clicked on view, I am getting duplicate entries from pedal cloud entries.

    I really like the update to IR Loader although the cabs now sound great within the app as well. Overall sound is much improved. Cabs and pedals load a bit faster than old which is great.

    Not sure has been done or not yet but would love to see able to remove amp/cabs from top view when wanting to setup a pedal only setup.

    Good job guys!

  • please also allow for pedal removal. The overdrive pedals are not showing in my custom shop but are in FX2. Weird. Could maybe reinstall the pedals. Some user created pedals crash BiasFX2