Amp Match support for Amps created with BIAS Amp 2 Pro

  • Spark marketing info does not state that an Amp I created with BIAS Amp 2 Pro using Amp Match, and uploaded to my Tone Cloud account, can be downloaded into one of the Spark's 4 presets. So here's the question ... does Spark support user-created amp simulations (via Amp Match) and allow a person to download an Amp Match profile from Tone Cloud?

    If so, will it sound the same?

    Who know the answer to this question?

  • No, as per FAQ:

    Q: Can I export presets from BIAS FX 2 to Spark?

    A: No, you can only download or save presets via the Spark app.

  • SORRY, but this reply does not answer my question. I'm not asking about export from BIAS FX 2.

    I'm asking specifically ... if a person uses the desktop version of BIAS Amp 2 Pro with the Amp Match feature to create an amp simulation (call it TubeAmp, for example) and that person uploads TubeAmp to Tone Cloud ... can that person download the TubeAmp preset INTO ONE OF THE 4 SPARK USER PRESETS, and will it sound correct?

    In other words, does Spark support (ie. playback) amp simulations from Tone Cloud if they are created with BIAS Amp 2 Pro using the Amp Match feature.

    Will someone please answer this question?