Local MIDI Program Change in Reaper?

  • I'm new to Bias FX 2, but I have just noticed that Bias FX 2 loads the same instance of itself, regardless of the project in Reaper When I assign Program Change values to two presets in one project, I can't use those Program Change numbers in the other project for different Presets. Does anyone else having the same problem?

    I use my MIDI stomp box to switch between the presets. Is there a way I can do it without assigning distinct Program Change numbers to every single preset I use in all of my projects combined?

  • I think I've just hit the same problem myself - although I'm pretty new to BIAS FX2 so its still a bit of a learning curve at present. My current problem is this:
    I have a live setup in Reaper for me and my mate - for simplicity lets say I play guitar and he plays bass. Setup on separate audio inputs, I wanted to switch guitar effects on/off for both the guitar and bass automatically and do this via midi cc messages. I send all midi on channel 15 to BFX2 and he sends on channel 14. This used to work perfectly using Guitar Rig 5 - each instance was setup to listen to the appropriate midi channel/cc messages.
    This setup doesn't work now, and it appears that the midi channel and assignments are "global" in BFX2?? This isn't very good for me at all if it is true.

    This is on top of the issue that BFX2 doesn't seem to care what actual value is sent via midi, it will flip on/off no matter whether a 0 or 127 is sent... (i.e. sending two 0's in succession will turn the defined effect on and off). I've started using scenes to get around this oddity - its working in a more predictable way now.

    I know midi was late to the party in this edition, how are others using it? I don't think I'm trying to do anything complex or unrealistic with it....

  • And in typical "it worked like that yesterday!" fashion, I'm now not able to replicate the issue in a test setup, so I think I need to play with it a bit more before I can definitively say its not working for me... will report back soon.

  • A2

    For this type of setup in REAPER, I would definitely be using lbx Stripper or SWS Live Configs. Much safer