Bias amp in JamUp vs bias amp as iaa

  • Hey guys. I'm trying to figure out why the bias amp models sound so different depending on how I set up my signal chain.

    Right now I want the bias amp models and also some nice delays and reverbs etc found in tonestack.

    I'd like to be able to load a bias amp into JamUp and then also use bias as an iaa and load then both into the tone stack signal chain.

    That way I can run a dual amp chain with two bias amp models.

    This is just for iPhone since I can't have bias fx.

    Do you think the difference in sound has to do with input levels or something?

    Bias amp model responded much more to knob changes and pedals when it was hosted in tonestack vs when it was hosted in JamUp.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

  • @brian-dress I personally don’t like how amps from bias amp sound in JamUp, they sound terrific with bias fx of course. Not sure why this is.

    I’m one of those who are anxiously waiting for bias fx to come to the iPhone.

  • yeah me too. i dont think it will ever happen.

    I run bias amps inside tonestack or in AUM.

    no dual rig though unless you import to jamup. lame.

    they should make it AU.

  • @brian-dress I do the same with bias amp, ToneStack. Just can’t save presets, so don’t do it too often.

  • yeah you could do presets if it was loaded in jamup only right? and then only with midi that goes to multiple apps at once.

    what do you use mostly now? anything ios performance wise? or just track by track recording?

  • @brian-dress I had an iPad with bias fx on it and sounded great. Got a lil sluggish, so I gave it to my daughter. Got an 8plus running bias amp and JamUp which I use mostly for now until they make bias fx for the iPhone. Tried tonestack and AmpliTube, but doesn’t cut it for me sound wise.

  • do you use IRs?

    what type of interface do you use?

  • @brian-dress No IR’s at the moment. I use the irig pro l/O into my iPhone or irig pro into my iMac.

  • @lifedeath7 what kind of music do you generally play? I must just need to spend more time on my levels and make sure I'm getting optimum signal strength through all the apps. I am either clipping or not strong enough

  • @brian-dress I play from metal to jazz, just like to play whatever.

    What interface are you using? JamUp had been pretty good, no problems with levels.

    I normally play a song either in iTunes or a song I created in GarageBand and set my levels that way.

  • I have an irig hd that I used with my iPhone 6 but with the 7+ I had to get something with an output. So I have the behringer umc204hd. I got the Apple USB 3.0 connector and a powered USB hub.

    So it goes interface >powered hub > USB 3.0> iPhone

    I get a hiss all the time. Even with no amps. I figure it has to be the noise floor on the interface?

    Been trying to figure out how to get it to the right amount of input level on the interface.

    I tried recording a few tracks but the wav forms had very low amplitude. So I think that results in a weaker processed signal when it goes through the audio apps.

    Right now for testing different sounds I have the interface running into AUM with tonestack and bias and JamUp and a few IR apps as nodes in a channel and then I swap them in and out

  • @brian-dress Give the irig pro I/O a try, I get no noise at all. Add the power supply and it charges the device as well. I go from clean amps as well as dirty amps with no problem.