Measuring pickup output for Guitar Match not completed

  • Hi,
    I have the problem, that when measuring the pickup output for guitar match the process doesn't complete, just "Measuring..." oder "No signal". I played single notes from all strings til fading out or in short intervals with the same impulse, changed the input volume of my audio interface. Nothing works. Can anybody help me?

  • I have seen this too... tried another time and it worked... but the level of the guitar match becomes much higher than the original guitar

  • Have the same problem- worked until i updated (I think it worked, not sure)- gets signal(waveform) and"Measuring" but will not complete. Tried different guitars, different body styles, pickups, , different imput guitars.. nothing completes. Tried uninstall/instal no luck.Fl studio, Win, All current updates, PS Am working with vst's only. Have no imput live on my system. Bias amp fx 2 Elite

  • Hi again. This pertains to you owners of FL Studio. If guitar match locks up while measuring and will not complete go into the fruity wrapper and turn on fixed buffers for buggy plugins, continue with guitar match until you are done and then turn it off again to avoid complications with anything else. Thank you, thank you very much. I'll be at the plaza all week.